10 Steps to Construction Site Stormwater Compliance

Join Straight Talk: Strategies for Environmental Compliance author Jennifer Hildebrand as she demystifies the stormwater regulations affecting construction projects and outlines ten straightforward, but essential strategies for stormwater compliance and profitability.

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A Proactive Approach to North Central Texas Growth and Development: Integrating Transportation and Stormwater Infrastructure (TSI)

A proactive stormwater planning effort seeks to address increasingly flooded roadways, neighborhoods and critical infrastructure as rapid development and intense rain events collide in North Central Texas. The study integrates stormwater, transportation, and environmental planning in an effort to reduce risk in a region growing by 150,000 people per year.

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All The Water We Will Ever Need

As the population of our planet continues to grow at a rapid rate, the amount of available water remains unchanged. This course will explain how the world adapts requires serious rethinking of our past and current practices for securing the future of our precious assets.

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ASTM for Stormwater Professionals – Part 1

This webinar provides an overview of the ASTM standards development process, with the goal of giving stormwater managers confidence that requiring that these standards be followed will lead to beneficial outcomes for their program.

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