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BMP Monitoring

This technical track discusses methods for evaluating and comparing the effectiveness of best management practices, as well as topics and trends in stormwater research, such as standardizing testing protocols and standards.  

Flood Modeling & Mitigation

If a picture is worth a thousand word, a model is worth a million. This track will focus on cutting edge tools and technologies for designing stormwater infrastructure based on hydrology models. 

Green Infrastructure

This track showcases examples of green infrastructure and low impact development (LID), practices that strive to maintain or mimic the predevelopment hydrology of a site by infiltrating, storing, filtering, and evaporating stormwater runoff rather than moving it offsite to a centralized stormwater system.  

Industrial Stormwater Management

This track covers industrial stormwater management and permitting, focusing on publicly and privately owned facilities covered by industrial stormwater permits or EPA’s stormwater multi-sector general permit. Such facilities range from small businesses located in urban areas, such as restaurants and automotive repair shops, to large sites such as manufacturing plants, transportation facilities, landfills and waste transfer stations, and mining operations.  

Programs, Permits & Compliance

This track covers the various aspects of complying with municipal stormwater permits as well as funding, staffing and managing municipal and state stormwater programs. 

Transportation & Construction Stormwater

Roads, bridges, highways, airports and ports convey not only goods and people but also stormwater runoff, transporting pollutants in the process. Sessions in this track will address concerns at these locations, as well as active construction sites, and offer strategies for addressing challenges.