How To Be A Strategic Ally To Your MS4s – Part 2




Have you ever wondered how to create a grassroots public education and engagement program that brings about real, measurable behavior change? How about creating a program where businesses and partner organizations promote and share your messages about water for you for free? Clear Choices, Clean Water© is a social marketing program focused on how the individual choices we make impact our waterways. The program’s unique strategy to increase awareness about topics such as lawn care, pet waste, native plants, water conservation, and much more has garnered the attention and financial support of dozens of agencies, non-profits, utilities, and municipalities across Indiana and other states. The Clear Choices Program was designed by and for MS4s and directly services MCMs 1 & 2.

This webinar will explore the various program elements behind the Clear Choices program’s successes, including the cornerstones of social marketing and social indicator science, as well as key messages and potential barriers to behavior change. Learn how to build an effective outreach campaign through techniques such as: comprehensive program branding, targeted message distribution, staged auto-communications, personalized scientific feedback, creative collateral pieces, and mass social media engagement. This webinar will also showcase how local or state pollution load reduction models can be built into outreach efforts to help participants understand the role they play, and, also, how load-reductions can aggregate to help build community collaboration and meet water quality or conservation goals.


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