All The Water We Will Ever Need




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This course is the second installment in our three-part Managing Our Water Assets for a Sustainable Future Webinar Series.As the population of our planet continues to grow at a rapid rate, the amount of available water remains unchanged. How the world adapts will require serious rethinking of our past and current practices for securing the future of our precious water assets. The good news is that, if we manage our resources carefully, we will indeed have all the water we will ever need.Certainly here in the United States, we have generally taken the availability of clean fresh water for granted. We simply turn the tap, and clean water appears. Worldwide, the reality is far more sobering. Millions of people lack access to clean water and, because of this, human lives are lost every single day.Looking ahead, we have the knowledge and ability to cope positively with our water supply challenges. What is needed is a worldwide effort to effectively secure our water future. Join Stormwater University and returning speaker Peter Hanrahan (CPESC) to examine some of the world’s most innovative thinking on this critical topic.Learning Objectives: By participating in this webinar, attendees will:
  • Understand past water management practices and their consequences
  • Receive specific suggested reading and research suggestions
  • Explore specific case studies that provide insight into lessons learned as we strive to make the best-possible decisions relative to our precious water resources
  • Grasp the critical importance of sound future planning based on timeless principles in water management


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