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Feb 21

Combining Green and Gray Infrastructure for Stormwater Management and Flood Risk Reduction

February 21 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The benefits of green infrastructure for water quality and runoff volume reduction are well known, but potential benefits for flood risk reduction is an emerging opportunity and consideration. Green infrastructure can be an effective tool in reducing peaks from significant rainfall events, but the efficacy is dependent on the size of the event, design goals of the practice(s), and the target level of service, often requiring combination with traditional gray infrastructure to help mitigate major weather events like hurricanes. This webinar will provide case studies of planning, design and construction projects that feature holistic runoff reduction solutions using combinations of green and gray infrastructure practices that reduce flooding and provide community amenities.Learning Objectives
  • Understand the role of green infrastructure in reducing flood risk, particularly in the context of significant rainfall events.
  • Analyze the factors influencing the efficacy of green infrastructure in flood risk reduction, including event size, design goals, and target level of service.
  • Evaluate case studies of planning, design, and construction projects integrating green and gray infrastructure to mitigate flooding and enhance community resilience.
About the PresentersMark Van Auken Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Practice Leader Arcadis Mark Van Auken has 34 years’ experience in the analysis, design, and construction phases of a variety of stormwater projects. He specializes in municipal stormwater management, with experience leading stormwater planning and permitting projects in more than 20 states. He is a frequent speaker on webinars and at conferences throughout the country, having made more than 70 presentations on subjects ranging from stormwater asset management to green infrastructure maintenance.Joel Kaatz Stormwater Resilience and Flood Risk Management Discipline Lead​ Arcadis Joel Kaatz has 10 years of experience focused on conveyance planning and modeling, helping cities find solutions to urban, rainfall-driven flooding. In his roles as project manager and technical advisor, he leads stormwater resiliency modeling teams, developing and using hydrologic and hydraulic models to advise municipalities on how to combat more extreme precipitation, both inland and as part of coastal defense systems.