HSPF Hydromodification Modeling

This hydromod methodology and modeling approach can be adapted to provide for better stormwater protection anywhere in the United States!

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Hydromodification is the change in stormwater runoff and streamflow produced by alterations to the hydrologic cycle from land development. Hydromodification (or “hydromod” for short) can be measured in terms of magnitude, frequency, and duration of runoff and streamflow.

The federal Clean Water Act, through the issuance of NPDES MS4 permits, attempts to regulate and minimize hydromod impacts. This is typically done by using stormwater control facilities (ponds, vaults, LID, and other measures) to mitigate the stormwater impacts of land development.

This leads to the questions: How do you regulate hydromod to achieve your goals, and how do you measure success?

Join us for this educational webinar as prolific speaker Doug Beyerlein (P.E., P.H., D.WRE) presents a standardized methodology, based on HSPF continuous simulation modeling, to quantify hydromod impacts and use mitigation strategies to demonstrate compliance with NPDES MS4 permit requirements. This methodology and stormwater modeling approach is currently being used by jurisdictions in Washington, Oregon, and California and can be adapted to provide for better stormwater protection anywhere in the United States!

Learning Objectives
Attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  • Learn how land development changes impact the entire hydrologic cycle
  • Learn the importance of controlling not only peak flows but flow durations
  • Learn how to size stormwater facilities to mitigate the impacts of land use changes
  • Learn how you can use HSPF modeling to tie together all of the NPDES MS4 hydromod requirements in a coherent and useful package

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Doug Beyerlein

Co-Founder, Clear Creek Solutions

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