Straight Talk Strategies for Environmental Compliance – Book


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Straight Talk shows us that compliance can achieve significant savings for the owner and big profits for the contractor. It makes the business case for how a profitable transition to environmental compliance for the construction and development industry can be achieved…Hildebrand’s refreshing and crystal-clear approach merits serious attention and has already won support across the regulatory and construction spectrum.

Ten simple, but necessary strategies for stormwater compliance: understandable and experience-based, combined with useful tips and explanations. Covers such topics as:

  • Know the rules
  • Do your homework
  • Agree to a SWPPP
  • PreCons: The “underutilized” tool of the century
  • Set a precedence for compliance
  • Keep your dirt on your site
  • Hazardous materials: This is not your mother’s construction site
  • Maintenance and documentation: Tell your story
  • Stabilize as you go
  • Tidy up and get out

About Author

Jennifer Hildebrand

Vice President of Environmental Services, PE Services


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