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Environmental Engineer


Prince William County, VA


Freshwater Wetlands: What Are They & Why Are They Important/Protected?


Thomas E. Dombrowski is an Environmental Engineer with Prince William County Department of Public Works Watershed Branch. He currently is the County Wetland/Stream/EA Specialist, conducting wetland delineations and guiding various County Projects through the regulatory process (State and Federal Wetlands Permits Application preparation, NEPA and State Environmental Review Process) to secure the appropriate permits and funding.

Over the past 16 years, he has developed an excellent working relationship with the environmental review agencies, which has contributed to the successful and timely regulatory review and approval of various County projects.

He also provides mitigation monitoring services for created wetlands and compliance monitoring of ongoing construction projects. Mr. Dombrowski is the County Liaison to the Prince William County Tidal Wetlands Board and the lead in tidal wetland regulatory/enforcement process.

Mr. Dombrowski is also involved in the development of the County’s Stream Program. He conducts searches and assessments of County streams and determines if they are candidates for restoration. Currently, he has identified over 20 candidate restoration streams are in Prince William County. He is the project manager of multiple stream restoration projects and coordinates/reviews stream restoration design and oversees the construction of the stream restoration.

Mr. Dombrowski is also the County in-house consultant, providing environmental guidance and services to various County Departments. He is also successful at securing grant funds to support various environmental projects.