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Surface Water Engineer


City of Shoreline


Sierra Gawlowski’s career-long interest in surface water engineering led her to the City of Shoreline. As a consulting engineer in civil site design for private development projects, she designed a variety of surface water solutions, from traditional vaults and ponds to proprietary treatment facilities and green stormwater infrastructure. Eager to apply her experience to the public sector, she joined Shoreline — the first Salmon-Safe Certified City in Washington — in 2018 and is proud to serve a community that values its waterways. Sierra has worked to integrate the built and natural environments by strengthening the City’s stormwater standards and encouraging low-impact development. She recently began working directly for the City’s Surface Water Utility and is focusing on an initiative to prepare the Utility for an influx of redevelopment activity in recently upzoned areas. In her spare time, she volunteers with Engineers Without Borders and plays with her puppy, Yukon.