The Best of the BMPs SUMMIT

Taking this Best of the BMPs Course covers, in detail, the most important soil erosion and sediment control BMPs.

10.0 PDH / 1.0 CEU

Along with the video course, attendees will also receive The Shasta College BMP Manual as a download.

The Videos (7 modules/Lectures) plus Introduction) runtime is about 5h:40min. The attendee will have to refer to the Manual and read info from it and the student will need to take the test. We are estimating 8-10 hours are required to take the entire course and complete the testing. The Video runtimes total of approximately 4h:45m. The study of reference materials will require another 20% of video time or +2.0 hrs. Test-taking requirements will round the course out to 8 hours = 1.0 CEU


Taking this Best of the BMPs Course covers, in detail, the most important soil erosion and sediment control BMPs. The 1 CEU course is academic and experiential, intended to provide lectures and ‘hands on’ experiences akin to attending the internationally-acclaimed, 2-day Shasta College BMP SUMMIT.  The Best of the BMPS SUMMIT Video course is a condensed version of the two-day classroom/field course, and therefore a somewhat improved experience – which provides lecture, references to the BMP Manual (provided as a download), all supported with enhanced video clips. The dirttime videos are often referred to as “This Old House” of the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry.


Upon Completion of this Course the Student will;

1.  Have an comprehensive understanding of a dozen or more essential and basic Soil Erosion / Sediment Control BMPs, such as Hydromulching, Slope Interruptors, Sediment Barriers, Turf Reinforcement Mats etc.

2.  be able to select a BMPs based on the physical principles causing erosion and sedimentation – Physical processes such as raindrop erosion, Stoke’s Law, the Continuity Equation, and Shear / Tractive forces of flowing water.

3.  likewise become familiar with the BMP Toolbox as an aide to categorizing BMPs

4.  be familiar with referring to the Shasta College BMP Manual, 2018, J. McCullah, for information on BMP selection, construction methods, and requirements for maintenance and inspection criteria.  The BMP Manual also has a useful SWPPP Summary, a technical NPDES-oriented definition of each BMP that is ready to be transferred into your SWPPP.

5.  learn several “tricks of the trade”, for instance as how to get 100% soil coverage from a hydraulically applied mulch, what are the newest and most innovative compost BMPs, how the Skimmer outlet device improves sediment capture, and how to ascertain that required application rates are achieved.   

6.  have experienced the BMPs through the dirttime Video – actual live-action, hands-on installation and inspection of BMPs – “The closest thing to really being there!” .

The live action videos are an attempt to provide the Journeyman to Apprentice experience, whereby “tradecrafts” are learned by hands-on training experiences and are passed on by the Journeyman to the Apprentice.  

Estimated Session Length*: 8 hours

Lectures: 7

Credits: 10.0 PDH / 1.0 CEU

Price: $375.00

Special Group Pricing Available

* Session Length is video runtime plus the time estimated for review material and then completing the testing and submitting the results

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 6 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate