Preparing Construction Sites for Winter Shutdown

Winter is coming… Are you prepared?! Learn tried-and-true best management practices and the importance of pre-planning, timely installation, and emergency response.

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It is important that site managers working in northern climates have a winter stabilization plan in place well before cold weather arrives. The execution of the plans needs to take place before the first snowfall. Job site perimeters need to be protected from sediment loss, slopes must be protected from erosion, and seeding must take place on a timely basis. This course will focus on tried-and-true best management practices and the importance of pre-planning, timely installation, and emergency response.

Such considerations are extremely important in Canada, the Northern United States, and anywhere seasonal winter conditions exist. The stakes are very high, as unprotected sites can suffer heavy damage when the basics of winter protection are ignored.

The Clean Water Act passed into law in 1972, and it has been a prime driver in the call for winter job site protection. Sediment control, erosion control, ground stabilization, or drainage issues that are not addressed before freezing temperatures emerge can lead to devastating consequences during winter thaws or with the emergence of spring conditions.

Site developers are always seeking better methods for avoiding costly rework. They also work very hard to avoid sediment discharges to adjacent properties. And, as construction costs continue to rise, they have learned to pay extra attention to avoiding costly remobilization.

As the winter months approach, planning is of absolute importance. Every site needs to be prepared to meet the challenges of unpredictable freeze-thaw cycles in addition to the predictable problems associated with winter work. In some cases, when work is scheduled to continue during the winter months, other considerations come into play as well.

Join returning instructor and 43-year industry veteran Peter M. Hanrahan (CPESC) as he provides an important set of planning tools for site developers facing winter conditions around the globe.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review common problems and solutions relative to winter shutdown
  • Emphasize pre-planning and avoidance of environmentally damaging problems and expensive reconstruction on the job site
  • Contractors, specifiers, and regulators—get exposed to proven strategies for achieving the best results in winter shutdown planning and execution
  • Be encouraged to continue your own research into both time-proven and evolving solutions for the most effective winter stabilization

About Instructor

Pete Hanrahan

CPESC; Principal, Hanrahan Environmental

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