Introduction to Digitizing Asset Management for Stormwater Infrastructure

Learn the benefits on why digitizing asset management for stormwater infrastructure will supply the data and tools needed to meet annual reporting requirements, provide real-time maintenance reporting, and provide your stormwater program with adaptive management and reporting capabilities.

0.1 CEU/1 PDH

Step away from the spreadsheets and discover the benefits of incorporating GIS (geographic information systems) and CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) for your digital asset management operations! 

GIS provide functionality to add, collect, manage, and spatially visualize stormwater infrastructure and pair well with CMMS to provide real-time stormwater management that reduces costs and labor needs. Join Stormwater University as speakers Corryn Smith (Information Systems Administrator) and Ed Schenk (Stormwater Manager) of City of Flagstaff Water Services teach you how their city revamped its Stormwater GIS dataset to better understand its stormwater system. 

Continuing the digital momentum, this session will also discuss how a CMMS is utilized to track work orders, service requests, and inspections as well as how to use Operational Dashboards as a dynamic tool to communicate data to and from field workers, supervisors, and managers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about and develop a Stormwater GIS dataset
  • Understand the importance of adding CMMS to Asset Management
  • Explore how to display data to better understand maintenance patterns, labor and equipment costs, and troubled stormwater assets

About Instructors

Corryn Smith

Information Systems Administrator
City of Flagstaff Water Services

Ed Schenk

Stormwater Manager
City of Flagstaff Water Services

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