Flocculant Applications in Soil Stabilization

Discover how the emergence of flocculants has made a significant contribution to the site manager’s toolbox!

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The emergence of flocculants has made a significant contribution to the site manager’s toolbox. Fundamentally, polymers or flocculants bind soil particles together. The technology has provided answers to some of the most challenging site stabilization issues. Available in both granular and liquid form, flocculants can assist with vegetation establishment by binding seed, soil, fertilizer, and mulch together. The products can also help with removing sediment from turbid stormwater runoff, dust control, and more.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 was a game changer for the site management industry. With new regulations in place, site developers suddenly were held responsible for downstream or off-site impacts of their construction activity. This new set of laws drove the demand for technology and best management practices to control sediment loss from active job sites.

Virtually all new products and solutions are met with a healthy dose of initial skepticism. Traditional solutions can be tough to let go of. As Jeff Goebel was famously quoted, “We never have time to do things right. But we have time to do them over and over!”

Flocculants have faced this same scrutiny. The industry has produced some flocculants that are harmful to aquatic life, and this has created some misunderstanding and distrust. During this course, returning instructor Peter M. Hanrahan (CPESC) will discuss the importance of third-party toxicity testing and the obvious advantages of working with manufacturers who can provide such documentation. He will also stress site-specific soil and water sampling, helping to match the appropriate flocculants in each and every application.

Peter entered the construction products industry in 1978, just six years after the Clean Water Act was passed into law in the United States. During that time, he has been active in the promotion and development of products designed to solve specific problems in the important business of erosion and sediment control, drainage, and site stabilization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Contextualize history and evolution of flocculant applications and their use in the site construction industry
  • Receive a full set of solutions for a wide variety of erosion and sediment control problems on the job site
  • Understand the importance of third-party toxicity testing and the important environmental challenges facing specifiers and users
  • Gain a clear path to effective solutions to the significant site stabilization problems facing developers today

About Instructor

Pete Hanrahan

CPESC; Principal, Hanrahan Environmental

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