Erosion Control and Ground Stabilization in the Third Dimension

Get exposed to game-changing technology in the areas of sediment control, erosion control, drainage, and ground stabilization!

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The evolution of three-dimensional products has dramatically expanded the site solution toolbox for civil engineers, site planners, and property owners. As innovative three-dimensional alternatives have emerged, site developers have benefitted from superior performance coupled with both upfront cost reductions and improved product life cycles. During this course, attendees will be exposed to game-changing technology in the areas of sediment control, erosion control, drainage, and ground stabilization.

The Clean Water Act, passed into law in the United States in 1972, was a mandate for responsible stewardship of active construction sites. Since that time, there has been a rapid evolution of products designed specifically to meet the challenges that come as a result of site disturbance and new construction. Now, nearly 50 years later, a vastly expanded toolbox is available for site developers everywhere.

Two-dimensional products dominated during the early evolution of these site management products. Hay bales, used for perimeter sediment control, were replaced by silt fence. Erosion control blankets emerged as an alternative to bare ground seeding or loose mulching.

The later development of three-dimensional products proved to be a real game changer. This new generation of technology incorporated soils, rocks, and vegetation into the design process. In doing so, new solution alternatives were created to enhance the performance of vegetation, handle higher loading on traffic-bearing surfaces, and more.

Join Stormwater University and returning instructor Peter M. Hanrahan (CPESC) as he discusses the evolution of three-dimensional products in the site construction industry and their practical applications. Much of Peter’s 43-year career in the construction products industry has been devoted to the development and specification of these significant industry innovations. Emphasis will be placed on the critical importance of third-party performance-based testing and design assistance.

Participants can expect to complete this course with a better understanding of this remarkable evolution of product solutions to meet the challenges faced by site developers everywhere.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get exposed to a thorough review of the evolution and growth of three-dimensional products in the site stabilization marketplace
  • Learn the importance of reliable third-party testing and quality assurance
  • Discover alternatives to traditional practices and expand your site stabilization toolbox
  • Be encouraged to seek out design assistance, on-site consultation, relevant case studies, and more

About Instructor

Pete Hanrahan

CPESC; Principal, Hanrahan Environmental

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