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Remove the Source of Contaminant

  • Natural Processes
    • Inactivation of microorganisms on roofs and gutters that are free of composting vegetation through action of UV light, desiccation, and heat
  • Active Processes
    • Reduce or remove vegetation around and above roofs to reduce organic matter decomposing on surfaces, materials entering tanks, nutrient loads for microorganisms, and sediment accumulation in tank bottom
    • Reduce or remove locations for animals and birds above roofs and gutters to reduce rooftop fecal loads
    • Remove or seal materials that could leach hazardous materials (especially lead, chromium, & arsenic) from roofs, gutters, and other system components

Keep organisms from colonization or growth

  • Natural Processes
    • Rapid inactivation of new microorganisms entering tanks by fostering healthy biofilms in tanks
    • Competition for nutrients will help inactivate microorganisms
  • Active Processes
    • Seal tanks from vectors, animals, sunlight, stormwater backflow, and surface or subsurface water entry
    • Exclude sunlight from tanks to prevent growth of algae and photosynthetic bacteria