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Lesson E7: Irrigating with Rainwater


This module provides an overview of basic terminology and strategies for rainwater-supplied irrigation systems—including site assessment needs, types of systems, planning, and the selection and sizing of key components.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this Module, you should be able to:

  • Describe benefits of using rainwater to irrigate plants
  • Define terms that particularly apply to irrigation with rainwater
  • List elements of Standard 63 that could apply to irrigation system designs using rainwater
  • List additional regulatory requirements that could apply to irrigation with rainwater
  • Identify site assessment needs of particular importance to irrigation system
  • Describe the range of strategies for irrigation with rainwater
  • Explain the need to design efficiencies into these systems
  • Explain the relationship between plant water needs, rainfall rates, and catchment area month-to-month as the basis for determining tanks size and number of plants that can be supported
  • List key safety, installation and operation needs of irrigation systems


Manual, chapter 15 (click here to open in new tab)