Keys to Successful Erosion Control – Group License

$79.00 / Student



Join Stormwater University and erosion control guru Jay Selby (President, SSEC) for this erosion control how-to!

We will give you an in-depth look at:

  • Different types of Hydraulically applied materials—including Hydroseeding versus Hydromulching and compost versus Hydraulically applied compost replacements—and their proper applications and rates
  • When Rolled Erosion Control blankets are needed and their proper installation on slopes versus in channels
  • Proper site preparation and soils 101
  • Testing and understanding of different soil types and the erodibility of the “Textural Triangle” of the different soil types
  • Soil fertility and plant nutrients; understanding Micro and Macro Nutrients as well as PH levels
  • Use of effective Best Management Practices (BMPs), seed selections, and understanding seed tags and analysis


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