Revealing the Full Value of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Explore the growing demand for triple bottom line project assessments for green infrastructure projects.

Many cities today have a vision for a greener future, with green stormwater infrastructure being a key component in making neighborhoods more livable and sustainable. But with limited funding and numerous considerations, cities have struggled to make the case for green infrastructure projects when deciding which undertakings to prioritize.

Not all projects are created equal, and not all cities prioritize the same impacts. Whether your goal is adapting to climate change, complying with stormwater requirements, or getting the greatest value out of your investment, Autocase—the market leader for triple bottom line cost benefit analysis (TBL-CBA) software—can measure the impacts of your stormwater projects to help you confidently choose the best design to achieve your locally specific goals.

Join Forester University and speaker Simon Fowell, Economist at Autocase, for this live, educational webinar that will explain the growing demand for triple bottom line project assessments for green infrastructure projects.

This course will describe how Autocase can help planners and engineers examine project options through a more comprehensive and transparent lens by laying out their social, environmental, and financial costs and benefits.

Learning Objectives
By participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Receive examples of cities that have moved to a triple-bottom-line approach to prioritize stormwater management projects
  • Compare and contrast the benefits of a green infrastructure approach versus conventional gray infrastructure
  • Assess hard-dollar benefits so that project owners can understand how they gain an advantage with green infrastructure
  • Measure the social and environmental impacts of projects design to build a business case

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