Introduction to Urban Water Systems

Essential for modern life, water in the urban environment requires integrated systems to handle, treat, and engage water in a way that satisfies both natural and human requirements. Explore the curious and complex mixture of nature-driven and man-made needs, issues and systems of the urban environment. Join Dr. Paul W. Lander, ASLA, LEED A.P., in a discussion of the terminology, issues and systems involved in modern urban water systems management.

This course offers participants an introduction to the variables going on “behind the scenes” in modern cities and urban environments. With this knowledge as a baseline, we will look at a few examples of increased integration of natural and human systems that better serve the needs of both.

The course will introduce the built elements of urban water (reservoirs, treatment, distribution, end users) and the interaction with and impact on natural water systems (water cycle, watersheds, surface & groundwater).

Learning Objectives:
Webcast attendees can expect the discussion and education of the following learning objectives.

  1. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of natural water systems.
  2. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of urban water systems.
  3. Attendees will gain a basis understanding of the issues facing urban water system managers.
  4. Attendees will gain an understanding of new design approaches to better integration of these systems.
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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • Course Certificate